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  Welcome to the web site of the Vineyard Homeowners Association. By clicking on the links provided, you will find documents and information about the Association and the Vineyard community itself. If you need further information, please refer to the contact numbers in the “Officers, Directors and Chairpersons” link.

  The Vineyard is a community of 202 comfortable, well-kept homes on 16 quiet courts at Arbor Boulevard and Broadway on the Redlands. In keeping with the Vineyard theme, the courts are named for different wines and the pleasant, tree-shaded sidewalks are bordered in many areas by grape arbors.

  Every home in the Vineyard has either a one or two car garage and guest and additional day use vehicles can be parked in convenient parking plazas on each court. A fenced lot in the subdivision provides parking on a space available basis for recreational vehicles.

  All lawn watering and mowing, fertilizing, spraying, leaf pickup and sidewalk snow clearing is provided by a contractor. The homeowner is responsible for the exterior of his or her home including a small planting area for flowers and shrubs around the home.

  Pets are allowed in the Vineyard but exterior dog runs and kennels are not, so dogs must be kept in house or on leash.

  A monthly Homeowners Fee of $128.00 (effective Jan. 1, 2022) covers the contractors services, irrigation and domestic water, street lighting and other community expenses.

  The Vineyard Homeowners Association is managed by an elected Board of volunteers who live in the community. Rules and regulations of the Association are firmly enforced to maintain property values and to ensure the Vineyard’s high quality as a place to live.